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  • Ice the affected heel or heels two times per day for 20 minutes.  
  • Perform the following stretching exercises at home two times per day.  Each stretch should be held for 1½ - 2 minutes and performed in sets of five (Perform as demonstrated in clinic – no bouncing). 

​​                                 - Towel stretch before getting out of bed in the morning. 

                                 - Calf stretch with knee extended and foot flat

                                 - Calf stretch with knee flexed and foot flat

  • ​Wear the recommended inserts in the appropriate shoegear at all times while on feet.  DO NOT go barefoot, including indoors at home. Arch supportive flip flops or slippers may be beneficial but are not optimal.  Appropriate shoegear would be shoes which accept an insert and have a soft rubber heel for shock absorption (i.e. New Balance Running Shoes, and Rockport or Ecco Dress Shoes).   
  • Decrease all heel impact activities as much as possible, such as excessive walking, jogging, or treadmill use.  Substitute exercising in the form of non-impact activities to include swimming, biking, the use of a stationary bike, rowing, Nordic Track Ski Machine, Stairmaster, Stairclimber, and Elliptical Trainer are acceptable.  
  • If you are taking an anti-inflammatory medication, take the prescribed medication as directed.  Stop taking the medication and contact the clinic if any problems develop, most commonly, stomach upset.

Note:  If the OTC arch supports are beneficial, custom-molded arch supports (Orthotics) can be scanned for in the Lakeville office and would be optimal.  Coverage for orthotics varies with each insurance plan and/or may be covered by an HSA plan.  Orthotics may be purchased outright, also.  Please inquire with our office for further details.